Children's Eyecare

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Trusted Eye Examinations

Children are as welcome at Enderbys as their parents and we have spacious testing rooms with comfortable sofas for the family to sit on whilst children are getting their eyes tested.


Kids can come in for an eye test even before they are able to read or speak. Our highly experienced optometrists are qualified to carry out a variety of fun and simple eye examinations for children of all ages using colours, shapes, images and letters to check the development of young eyes.

Why Get My Child's Eyes Tested?

Monitoring your children’s vision is important as the earlier any problems are detected, the less likely they are to affect their education and full, comfortable engagement with their everyday activities. 


Children are not likely to complain about their eyesight as they do not realise what is normal vision. We recommend children have an annual eye exam, but if you are worried for any reason or there is a history of lazy eye or squint in the family, then do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment.

Children's Eyewear At Enderbys

We have a beautiful selection of quality, affordable children’s frames in a variety of styles.


We have years of experience in ensuring children’s eyewear fits correctly and comfortably, so you can be sure that they’re getting the very best for their eyes and a frame that they will love to wear.


Our dedicated children’s area - The Cupboard Under The Stairs - is a welcoming environment for kids to try on glasses. 

To ease the cost, children are entitled to an NHS optical voucher towards the cost of glasses or contact lenses if they are under 16, or under 18 and in full-time education.

If you have any questions about our children's glasses, or would like to book an eye examination for your child, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Kid with glasses