Contact Lenses

Wearing contact lenses

Contact lenses offer some significant advantages over spectacles because they fit on the eye.


Cosmetically they are excellent as they can hardly be seen without close inspection. They cause very little of the visual distortion which may be experienced by wearers of high prescription spectacle lenses.


In general terms, the higher the spectacle strength the greater the optical benefit from wearing contact lenses.

Types of Contact Lenses

'Soft' or disposable lenses

'Hard' or gas permeable lenses

MySight Myopia control lenses

Lenses suitable for astigmatism 

Safe, comfortable and versatile

A flexible alternative to glasses

Caring for Contact Lenses

Contact lenses fit on the surface of the eye and interact with the tear layer and lid surfaces. They need to be checked regularly to see that the delicate balance between function and eye health is maintained.

It is important that contact lens wearers attend regular appointments to ensure that their eyes are healthy, their contact lenses are working well and that their spectacles are adequate for their needs if contact lenses can not be worn for any reason.

If you are having trouble with your contact lenses or believe you may have any kind of infection, please remove your contact lenses and get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Contact Lenses for Sports

Spectacles are suitable for some sports, such as golf, tennis or shooting, but totally unsuited for sports such as football, rugby or judo.


Contact lenses are ideal for most sports because they provide vision correction without the risk of falling off, steaming up or breaking. They are unaffected by rain and are ideal for physical contact sports.


Daily disposable soft contact lenses can be worn on an occasional basis, for instance, once a week, or more often if you wish. If you are a keen sports enthusiast but you find your vision is causing you a problem come and see us for a contact lens trial. 


Contact us for more information about contact lenses and contact lens trials.

Playing sports while wearing contact lenses