Eyewear at Enderbys

At Enderbys we constantly strive to ensure that our frame collections and ranges of spectacle lenses offer the latest styles and designs to provide the best options for you.

Whether your budget is great or small, Enderbys will have the right pair of spectacles for you.

In addition to a collection of Sports Eyewear, we also have a range of Children's Eyewear to make sure that your little ones can look and feel their best.

The Latest Frames

Below is a selection of beautiful Gucci, Ted Baker and Joules frames that are new arrivals at Enderbys. 

We regularly review our collection to bring you a unique and stylish range of eyewear, so you can be sure the choice of frames at Enderbys of Boston allows you to express your personal style. 

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girl wearing glasses
Asiam woman with white glass frames

Sports Eyewear

Enderbys are specialists in sports eyewear, the team at Enderbys can advise you on sports eyewear for sports such as cycling, skiing, snowboarding, basketball, squash and driving.


We also offer specific products, tints and lenses for eyewear in sports such as golf, shooting and sailing to reduce glare, improve contrast and to help with colour perception.


For all of your favourite outdoor sports, we can provide Polarised lenses to help with the sun and glare as well as providing protection against wind, dirt and dust. Contact us or visit us for more info.

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Eyewear Styling

We have two private dispensing rooms which are bright and modern with large mirrors. Perfect for finding your next pair of spectacles or sunglasses. 

Our expert team will advise on the best styles, shapes and designs to suit your eyes and your face as well as catering to your individual needs and lifestyle.

Interior at Enderbys

Lenses at Enderbys

We can supply all types of lenses from standard single vision lenses to very sophisticated multifocal lenses.


They can be made in high index materials, aspheric form and can be computer generated to your individual requirements so that you can enjoy the best possible vision with thinner and lighter lenses. Plus, all of our lenses are available with a range of tints and coatings to improve your comfort and to make them look and feel amazing.


Our qualified optometrists and dispensing opticians have a wealth of experience and will be happy to work with you to help you choose the right frames and lenses to achieve the vision and look you want.

Spectacles not for you?  We also offer contact lenses