Sunglasses & Sports

Sports Spectacles and Lenses

Enderbys are specialists in sports eyewear, the team at Enderbys can advise you on sports eyewear to provide: Maximum resistance for protective eyewear for sports such as cycling, skiing, snowboarding, basketball, squash and driving Specific tints for eyewear in sports such as golf to reduce glare, improve contrast and to help with colour perception Transition or photochromic lenses can provide a changing solution to variable conditions Sports specific frames and lenses where everyday spectacles will not do. Shooting and snooker frames and lenses are available at Enderbys to order Polarised lenses to help with the sun and glare with water sports such as sailing or fishing Outdoor lenses and frames designed for cyclists, hikers or climbers to provide protection against sun, wind, dirt and dust

Contact Lenses for Sports

Spectacles are suitable for some sports, such as golf, tennis or shooting, but totally unsuited for sports such as football, rugby or judo. Contact lenses are ideal for most sports because they provide vision correction without the risk of falling off, steaming up or breaking. They are unaffected by rain and are ideal for physical contact sports. Daily disposable soft contact lenses can be worn on an occasional basis, for instance once a week, or more often if you wish. If you are a keen sports enthusiast but you find your vision is causing you a problem come and see us for a contact lens trial. Contact Enderbys for more information about contact lenses and contact lens trials.